Unmute (2018), open length, laptop ensemble. A “voiceless” choral work which uses facial tracking and the Leap motion sensor to trigger and manipulate sample playback. Watch.

Eh/k/oh (2018), trumpet, percussion, piano, and live electronics with the percussionist and pianist also speaking and singing. Written for SPLICE Ensemble and premiered at the 2018 SPLICE Festival. Perusal score.

Three Frogs in Arco, Idaho (2018), 9', clarinet, electric guitar, double bass, and live electronics.  Written as artist-in-residence at Craters of the Moon National Monument using field recordings made on-site.  Premiered at the Toronto Creative Music Lab in June 2018. Perusal score. 

We are the same as we have always been (2017), 10', solo B flat or bass clarinet with live electronics.  Premiered in Philadelphia at the November 2017 Penn Sound Collective concert by clarinetist Raissa Fahlman. Perusal score.


Depth Sounding (2016), 10.5', solo violin with live electronics.  Written in collaboration with violinist Kate Dreyfuss; premiered at the 2016 Festival de Música Académica y Contemporánea in Cuenca, Ecuador under the title Being Breathed; and revised for the U.S. premiere in February 2016 at Stony Brook University. Perusal score.


Amassed (2015), 7.5', brass quintet with live electronics.  Written for Anima Brass and premiered at Stony Brook University in November 2015.


Playing Out (2014), open length (ca. 18'), hammered dulcimer with live electronics.  Excerpts premiered at The North Wall in Oxford, UK in July 2014.  Listen.