Say-so (2018), 11’, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano with some spoken word from instrumentalists. Written for International Contemporary Ensemble, premiered at the University of Pennsylvania in April 2018, and performed again by Unheard-of//Ensemble at Areté Gallery, Brooklyn in October 2018 with support from New York Women Composers. Perusal score.

Sometimes the glass goes dark (2016), 10', clarinet, cello, and piano.  Written for Unheard-of//Ensemble, premiered at Scholes Street Studio and Firehouse Space in September 2016, and toured in spring 2017.


Scaffolding (2014), 5', string quartet.  Written in honor of the late Seamus Heaney and read in 2014 at University College Cork, Ireland. Perusal score.


Peter's Piper (2014), 2', marimba.  A collection of tongue-twisters using a text-driven process based on the mechanics of Scottish canntaireachd vocables; read in 2014 at University College Cork, Ireland.