150-word bio:

Composer Flannery Cunningham is fascinated by illusion and auditory perception, the human voice, and the performative possibilities of interactive electronics.  She aims to write music that surprises and delights.  Among others, she has been commissioned by Sopraltus of the MacPhail Institute, the Minnesota Center Chorale, the Cornell University Chorus, and the College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University.  An active poet, Flannery often writes her own texts.  She is attracted to both the very old and very new; she has presented on Machaut at the International Medieval Congress and performed with Cork-based electronic ensemble CAVE at the International Computer Music Conference.  In addition to acoustic ensembles she writes for players with live electronics.  She holds a BA from Princeton University, an MA from University College Cork as a Mitchell Scholar, an MA from Stony Brook University, and is currently a PhD candidate in composition at the University of Pennsylvania in fall 2017.